A Message From The Local Support Team 

Poder Consulting Group specializes in connecting people and empowering communities.  Most importantly, we help all stakeholders make contributions to the goals of Best Start through effective meeting facilitation and project guidance.  We believe in providing the support that is tailored to the needs of a diverse group of stakeholders and creative spaces for conversations to address the issues communities face.  Poder Consulting Group is proud to be in collaboration with Community Health Councils and the Best Start Region 2 program.


- Best Start Broadway / Manchester Local Support Team

A Message From The Local Support Team 

Coachman Moore & Associates (CMA) is proud to be part of the Best Start Region 2 as the local support team for Compton/East Compton. CMA aims to strengthen existing efforts and catalyze momentum in Compton/East Compton by enabling community members to effectively co-design, execute, and achieve solutions that can lead to long-lasting change. Founded in 1987, CMA’s work engages individuals and organizations in participatory, strategic, action-oriented solution-driven processes to bring about transformative change at the individual/organizational, community, and/or systems level.


“CMA supports individuals and organizations as they construct systems and practices that hold dreams and aspirations in an environment of transformation and change.” - CM&A, Choachman Moore & Associates


- Best Start Compton/East Compton Local Support Team

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Girls Club of Los Angeles (GCLA) is elated to be part of the Best Start Region 2 Initiative. With over 48 years of people-focused strategies, we take a holistic approach to championing the South Los Angeles communities with important opportunities: a safe place to learn, play, and grow. Our pipeline is inclusive of cradle-to-career solutions, early education, youth development, and community strengthening/building programs. As a Local Support Team, we are cultivating the Council’s growth by promoting a culture of learning, building a pipeline of leaders, and nurturing shared decision making.


“Our work enhances cross-system collaborations and partnerships. Our targeted approach leverages improvements to systems change such as quality schools, social connections, safe neighborhoods, and healthy food. Our goal is to foster vibrant, powerful, inclusive, and thriving communities.” - Gloria Davis, Executive Director

- Best Start West Athens Leadership Team

A Message from Your Local Support Team 

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