Policies and Systems Change

Residents and other community stakeholders are working together to make changes to public/community policies and systems in order to transform the community into one that promotes health and well-being.

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Best Start Region 2

  • Include people and services

  • Have values, and perceptions

  • Are complex

  • Include policies, routines,

       relationships, resources, and power

  • Can have a positive and negative impact on people, the community, or other systems


What is systems change? 

Shifts in mindset, values, habits, resources, behaviors, decision-making at a county-wide, public systems level

The goals, principles and/or procedures that guide a governmental body, organizations, systems, and/or groups of organizations/systems.


What is policy change? 

Changes to rules/laws governing institutions, practices, and resource allocation. 

What is community change? 

Shifts in mindset, values, habits, resources, behaviors, and decision-making at a local level

  • Establish healthcare policies to help undocumented children

  • Convert motels to temporary shelters for homeless families through policy

  • Implement policy to guarantee school lunches each year

Examples of Policy & Systems Change